a few young minds with a bigger goal

Our Product - Vantage

a service to revolutionize the currently flawed education system

Vantage Logo

Vantage is a service with the aim to make students' lives easier.
Students have the ability to submit images of their homework assignments and
expect a response within 6 hours with the completed assignment
including detailed explanations.

The iOS app is available here.

The Android app is available here.

Access the web portal of Vantage here.

  • Completely Free For Students

    Students can expect to get their assignments returned back to them within 6 hours for free.

  • Get Paid to Answer

    Students get paid to respond to other students' inquiries. All inquiries and responses for assignments are completely anonymous.

  • Don't Like Your Answer? Simply Reject It!

    A user has the ability to either accept or reject the response to his or her assignment inquiry. If he or she rejects the answer, the inquiry is placed back into the high-priority list.

About Us

We are a couple of 14 year olds located Pleasanton California.
Growing up with a fascination of technology, we founded
Socify to bring forward software and networking solutions
to improve efficiency on a global level.

Our Team

the people making this mission possible